Tuesday, 4 April 2017

London Diesel

Bad news for diesel vehicle drivers who live or work in London as they face major increases in their charges to enter the Capital on every day of the week rather than Monday to Friday (news.sky.com/story/diesel-drivers-face-16324-charge-to-enter-london-10824455). The mayor of London is having to find ways of legislating to reduce air pollution to acceptable levels as it is reportedly a factor there in around 9.5 k premature deaths per year. Diesels cars were initially encouraged by former governments as they produce less carbon dioxide per mile than their petrol-powered equivalents and it was concluded that this would help limit the accumulation of 'greenhouse gases' with their known effects on climate change. The trouble is that diesel engines operate at a higher temperature, generating more harmful nitrous oxides (as well as pumping out more particulates, in a manner similar to cigarette smoke). Air pollution is worryingly very high in London especially around some schools (and young lungs are very susceptible to damage). Something has to change.

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