Thursday, 10 December 2015

Off Message?

The climate change talks continue in Paris ( and parts of the North in the UK flood, following record rainfalls. The UK Government, apparently concerned about these problems a) pulls the plug on the funding of carbon capture technology; b) slashes the support for solar and wind power; c) commits to the building of several nuclear power stations (extracting the radioactive fuel and the building of the structures generate quite a lot of 'greenhouse gases'); d) insists that fracking will go ahead with or without the support of local populations and e) agonises over where to best place major airport extensions in the SE. None of this sounds especially helpful to the cause of limiting climate change and countering flood risk (especially as the designated sites for a new generation of 'starter homes' appear to be mainly existing flood plains of rivers).

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Poisoning the Air We Breathe?

The 25% increase in asthma deaths appears to be clearly related to chronic illegal levels of air pollution (