Tuesday, 8 March 2016

We Don't Need No Education (sic)?

It seems that we British rapidly forget what we have learned in school (www.pressreader.com/uk/the-guardian/20160308/281827167861521). For example, around 20% of people surveyed don't remember how to calculate fractions or percentages and circa one third have no recollection of what a median value is. In English, about one fifth don't remember the rules for using apostrophe, semi-colon or colon and a third have no idea what an oxymoron is. The situation for Science is even more scary, as one quarter didn't know the names most of the planets in our solar system, one fifth couldn't explain the 'greenhouse gas' -induced climate change concept and a massive 40% had no understanding mitosis. This suggests a) some folk are not really in a position to use employment in a flexible manner and b) some voters have only a very weak understanding of some of the issues presented to them. I know this sounds a tad elitist but I really think society would be healthier if we found a way of making education 'stick' and encouraged all to carry on accumulating new skills and knowledge.

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