Saturday, 3 June 2017

In Mr Trump's Greenhouse?

News that President Trump has declded to withdraw the USA (currently, in the number one spot for greenhouse gas production) from the Paris Climate Accord to encourage coal-mining in parts of his country is disturbing (it might also be seen as a 'green light' to oil producers in the Middle East and elsewhere). It seems, however, that other major polluters (notably China and India) remain convinced about the need to switch to a much more low carbon future (including more reliance on solar power). Reports also suggest that some major US cities are committed to go down this route (even more seem likely to follow if it turns out to be the cheaper option). Hopefully, we will escape too dramatic an escalation of global temperature rise with its disturbance of the planet's weather. Abandoning the Paris Accord doesn't, however, set a good example for informed leadership. Linking such serious policy to political promises  rather than scientific understanding seems a touch retrograde.

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