Friday, 7 September 2007

Let there be Light

I had the 25 minute cataract operation on my right eye on the 6th of September in the Swansea Day Clinic. The initial changes in my vision have been very impressive. The 'fog' pervading my visual world has totally dissipated and I now have clear vision (from one 'good' eye and one with a cataract) when I look at scenes. It is only possible to detect a fault when covering the right eye (sometimes inadvertently by the placement of a tea mug). Contrast is much improved (newspapers are now black on white rather than mid grey on light grey) and colours have re-emerged (sometimes garishly). My eyes are still sensitive to bright light and I have to administer a month-long course of eye drops. If things continue to progress, I should be able to give an invited lecture in Yorkshire and attend the Dorset field course as an effective participant. A similar operation on the left eye is promised 'within 4 months' and I should then have better vision than that with which I started. The glasses may go!

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