Saturday, 8 April 2017

Poles Apart

The situation of the pristine forests of Poland seems to be getting worse but is being 'resisted' by some mother's groups ( Any private owner of land can reportedly cut down trees (irrespective of their age, importance or rarity) with impunity due to a law change. Companies wishing to clear land for lucrative building projects are said to 'sell' land for a nominal fee to a 'private buyer' who then has the trees cleared before 'selling it back' to the builders. Since the law change, it is claimed that tree-felling companies have seen enormous increases in  demand for their activities. The mothers draw attention to this destruction of heritage by posing with babies for pictures on the stumps. The new legal position appears to regard trees as disposable 'weeds' (now, where have we heard that before?) that get in the way of 'development' and profits.

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Kept on Ice

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