Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Game of Chicken

Perhaps we won't get our 'very big deal' to bring chlorinated chicken (along with hormone-treated beef and GM crops) in spite of their cheapness ( Chlorination is used to reduce the bacteria on chicken carcasses because US chickens are generally produced under intensive 'farming' conditions. Firstly, the Minister for Agriculture doesn't think it likely and the importation of such material would lead to many food items the UK wanted to send to markets in Europe having to be checked at borders (including that between Northern Ireland and Eire). Certainly, the whole thrust of a US 'deal' would run counter to a general enthusiasm for animal welfare in this country (although that could decline if economics prove unhelpful).

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Poisoning the Air We Breathe?

The 25% increase in asthma deaths appears to be clearly related to chronic illegal levels of air pollution (