Sunday, 14 September 2008

Tree Peace, Man?

It is interesting to note that the Woodland Trust ( is claiming that exposure to wood-craft and the ecology of woodlands helps some "disturbed and troublesome teenagers" (even those from urban settings) control their errant behaviour and achieve success in examinations and eventually in the job market. That is an unusual 'pitch' by an organisation seeking more finance to conserve and develop the UK's declining woodland habitats but anything that works (possibly by appealing to the human tendency to explore novel settings, physicality and some one-to -one 'tuition') might be worth developing. Their activities also benefit some animals and plants (perhaps the young folk draw general inferences about the effects of 'small' actions on the fates of particular organisms and come to appreciate better that all actions (including their own) have consequences or is that too 'romantic' with the effect being simply obtained by removing them from their peers?).

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