Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A Lizard is Not Just for Christmas?

A report on the BBC (apparently based on increased sales of crickets as food items) claims that reptiles (snakes and lizards) have overtaken cats and dogs as the new pets of choice in today's busy UK. Basing the evidence entirely on food sales does seem, however, a bit shaky. It is true that you don't have to take reptiles out for a walk and they do seem to be able to 'amuse themselves' for considerable periods (whilst their 'owner' is away at work). Cost (the credit crunch) could also be a factor favouring reptiles as these animals need only about 15-20% of the food consumed by a mammal of comparable weight. Although lizards and snakes are certainly not as companionable as a dog (not many reptile packs!), they often make interesting talking points and can be little 'works of art'. They also may have, however, a wider range of exotic diseases. It will be interesting to see whether trend (if it is a real one) persists.

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