Saturday, 24 February 2018

Enough to Make You Turn Veggie?

It's somewhat worrying to read that nearly two thirds of meat plants in England, Northern Ireland and Wales have been in breach of safety regulations following Food Safety Agency inspections ( This amounts to 16 major failings (a mixture of temperature control problems, potential cross-contamination and traceability issues) a week. This might mean that we have to worry about the safety of 'fresh' meat products and we still can't be certain that the 'beef' isn't horse flesh. Reportedly, four different UK companies have now withdrawn meat they would normally be supplying to pub and restaurant chains. It is useful that the breaches are being identified (rather than remaining hidden) but some authorities have suggested that the financial support of food safety inspections is under considerable pressure in the UK. Perhaps chlorine-washed chicken and hormonally-treated beef are not the only areas of concern for British meat-eaters?

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