Saturday, 24 August 2019

Brazil Nuts?

It seems to be a fact of human behaviour that personal benefit generally appears to outweigh any other consideration (we are no better than any other animal, at genuine altruism). The record fires in the Amazon (the 'lungs' of our planet) are merely a recent example of this as they seem largely generated by farmers burning stubble or even forest, in attempts to generate more land for agricultural purposes ( This, of course, reduces the ability of the rainforest to store carbon and to generate oxygen as well as loading the atmosphere with more 'greenhouse gases'. I suspect that some of the peoples of Europe (and elsewhere) are starting to appreciate how the inhabitants of low-lying Pacific islands feel (namely that greedy folk elsewhere have no understanding of their situation and, even if they did, couldn't care less). It does seem ominous that self-centred, climate change deniers (who often appear to hate 'foreigners') have presently assumed control in many parts of the globe. The prognosis for the planet doesn't look good.

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