Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ecogrumpy Manifesto (but not looking for Followers)

Prior to the UK general election, everyone seems to be coming up with their party manifestos. I thought my 'party' of one (as recommended by Groucho Marx, I wouldn't want to belong to a party that would have me as a member) ought to state its positions. I am (almost) despairing of democracy along with all the other political systems as a vast majority of people appear a) too ignorant; b) too self-serving; c) too supportive/frightened of organisations (economic or religious) and/or d) too keen to be elected or to stop other people from being elected) to genuinely evaluate what really should be done about environmental issues. Even some of the 'environmentalists' are a) too obsessed with their own animal/plant/location; b) failing to recognise that they are making anthropocentric choices and/or c) making a living/career out of the issues. It is, however, incumbent on me to keep 'poking' the issues because that's what grumpies do! There might, in deed, be intelligent life out-there (whether it chooses to remain on this planet or not).

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