Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Shambo Reprive?

On the 16th of July, a High court judge ruled that the order that Shambo had to be euthanased should be put on hold as the rights of the Hindu monks at Skanda Vale had not be 'sufficiently considered'. This 'victory' for Shambo's supporters is, however, likely to lead to an appeal by the National Assembly on the ruling. As mentioned in earlier postings, it is difficult to see how the views of all concerned can be accommodated in a single outcome (the bull living or the bull dying). The government scientist's position is that there is no approved medical treatment in the UK that can be used on the bull to alleviate the risks associated with Bovine TB.
On the 23rd July, a Court of Appeal overturned the High Court judge's ruling, meaning that the destruction order is legal. This whole thing is getting a bit too predictable. Next stop, the House of Lords?

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