Sunday, 24 November 2013

Making Pigs of Themselves?

There has been quite a lot of media attention on the suggestion by 'some top chefs' ( ) that, rather than putting food waste into land fill, it should be heat-treated (to remove potential pathogens) before being used to feed pigs. Food waste, in the UK, used to be used in this fashion but people became resistant to the idea in Europe as a result of the 'mad cow' debacle. Pigs are fattened on human food waste in several states of the USA and in a number of non-European countries. It is argued that using food waste here would reduce the amount of soya etc that has to be grown to feed pigs in areas like ex-rainforest zones of Brazil. I personally think that this is a reasonable idea but it might be difficult to ensure that all pig rearers effectively and efficiently heat-treated the material before feeding it to their animals.

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Laura Kreciala said...

Hi Paul. Some interesting blogs. I would suspect that if the ban on using food waste for pigs were lifted there would be other regulations enforced. Such regulations could mean that proper treatment of waste takes place through licensing, similar to that for commercial compost containing food waste. I imagine such would be the case for organic at least. A possible business venture?!?!

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