Sunday, 22 May 2016

Europe's Aversion to GM Crops

The use of GM crops in Europe has had a strong newspaper endorsement ( This takes place along with simultaneous predictions of more famines (due to crop failure) in Africa, resulting from climate change. I have never really found the objections to GM crops very convincing as a) all current crops are genetically modified by selective breeding (a less precise way of producing change to develop desirable features); b) pollen recognises no national boundaries (so if you have GM in a neighbouring country you will not be able to 'keep it out'); c) few people object to GM technology in the production of medicines and d) we are already very good at producing 'super weeds' via introductions of alien species. Well-regulated (including non-exploitative) GM technology must have a role in our attempts to deal with climate change and the burgeoning human population. I simply hope that it will be developed carefully.

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Poisoning the Air We Breathe?

The 25% increase in asthma deaths appears to be clearly related to chronic illegal levels of air pollution (