Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Seeing the Changes 198

Around West cross, the Buckshorn plantain (Plantago coronopus), Many-seeded goosefoot (Chenopodium polyspermum), Bramble (Rubus fruticosus) and Sea mayweed (Matricaria maritima) were all coming into flower. The alien Cotoneaster was also in bloom in Blackpill. In Bynea, Elder (Sambucus nigra), Southern marsh orchid (Dactylorhiza praetermissa), Dog rose (Rosa canina), Slender thistle (Carduus tenuifloris) and Stone parsley (Sison amomum) were all in flower. In Penclacwydd, Lackey moth (Malacosoma neustria) larvae congregated on their silken tent on a Blackthorn.

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