Saturday, 16 February 2019

'Children' Should Be Seen and Not Heard?

I'm sure that many of the 'children' now 'striking' in many parts of Europe against the apparent inertia of governments to do much that is meaningful about climate change (or even, in some cases, to admit its existence) feel somewhat patronised by the claim that they should not disrupt their studies and instead strive to become scientists ( Scientists are certainly needed but a) very few science graduates are elected to parliament; b) scientists are not generally listened to when it doesn't suit the politicians (the claims about 'traditional ways of life' and reducing costs/taxes seem to hold more sway as more votes are associated with short-termism) and c) the time scale is too long as it takes at least 15-20 years before a graduate might get into a position where they might slightly influence policy. Things are somewhat urgent given the rapidly closing window of opportunity!

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