Monday, 11 February 2019

Hit for Six!

It is hardly surprising but a new report clearly establishes that insect species are being rapidly decimated on a global scale
( They are actually disappearing at a much faster rate than the more newsworthy megafauna (i.e. Pandas, Elephants and Tigers) but they are just less noticeable to the general public. Given that insects (with a biomass much larger than our own species) are food items for many other animals, essential for the pollination of most plants and some are involved in the breakdown of organic waste, it is not an exaggeration when the claim is made that their loss (or even further reduction) will cause the collapse of many of the ecosystems on the planet (and hence human life). Much of the insect decline seems directly related to the activities of our own species in driving climate change, destroying habitats and in agriculture (particularly with the overuse of pesticides). We won't save the planet by going vegan if the insects crash! It might also be noted that we would be foolish if we don't also look after the bacterial species that help maintain life on Earth. 

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