Thursday, 18 April 2019

Saint David Strikes!

David Attenborough finally delivered a BBC prime slot unapologetically (i.e. without bogus 'balance' from deniers ) confirming that Climate Change is real and that we (possibly at best?) have a few years to avoid the very worst of the consequences ( It was gratifying that he did not claim that the argument should be left to the 'adults' (the young activists were presented in a positive light). There were one or two minor inconsistencies. It could been stated that wind turbines and hydroelectric developments also require initial additions to the  carbon foot-print before they produce 'green electricity' (in this way, they are not too different from the washing machines the programme suggested should be made to last rather than being disposable). It will be interesting to see whether this message leads to political action (our system doesn't deal well with longer time scales i.e. anything greater than 5 years).

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Seeing the Changes 1470

Traveller's joy ( Clematis vitalba ) in flower in Loughor.