Sunday, 20 July 2008

Seeing the Changes 119

In Oxwich, the Sea stock (Matthiola sinuata) was in flower. There was quite a lot of butterfly activity in that location with the Gatekeeper (Pyronia tithonus), the Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus), the Small blue (Cupido minimus) and the Small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) whizzing around. Also many beetles with Centiopus sulphureus and Rhagonycha fulva on the flowers along with lots of Bumblebees (probably Bombus terrestris and Bombus pascuonum). There was also a Hawthorn shield bug (Acanthosoma haemarroidale) and interesting tunnel-like webs of spiders. There was what appeared to be a skeleton (with the head gone) of a small Harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) on the beach near Three Cliffs Bay.

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