Saturday, 18 April 2009

Not the Only Fruit?

More strangeness from UK supermarkets (in this case Marks & Spencer and Tesco) with the claim that wines appear to taste better at certain stages of the lunar cycle ( The supermarkets apparently follow a 'biodynamic' calender, devised for more than 40 years, by Maria Thun in Germany, based on the positions of the moon and stars that divides the month up into 'fruit', 'flower', 'leaf' and 'root' phases. The claim is that wines are ranked higher by tasters (including wine critics) in 'fruit' and 'flower' periods than in the 'leaf' and 'root' times. As it seems highly improbable that the chemical compositions of the wines (or the activities of the constituent molecules changes) with the phases of the moon, the interesting possibility (if there is anything other than superstition in the claims) that the mood or behaviour of the taster subtly changes.

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