Thursday, 30 August 2018

Kids Kiddied on Energy Drinks

Interesting news that the UK government is to attempt to ban the sale of (high sugar/ high caffeine) 'energy drinks' to children ( This is mainly advocated as a move against the obesity challenge but it has also been reported that a can of such drink is the sole 'breakfast' of some children (grabbed on the way to school?). Such concoctions are also likely to increase the incidence of diabetes and to damage the attention spans in their drinkers, Given the ease with which the manufacturers have convinced the general public of their 'benefits' (providing, in a simple sense, energy and reducing sleep), it will be interesting to see how effective any new regulation is. I suspect that some adults will buy these items for children (as families of football-playing children, in my experience, seem prone to do). Will purchasers need proof of age?

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Anonymous said...

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