Sunday, 23 June 2019

Music to Save the Planet By?

You would hope (if there is to be any hope) that the audiences at music festivals would embrace 'green' issues. Recent evidence ( suggests that this is happening, most notably with drives to 'rehome' as many of the tents that are abandoned after the event as possible (although it is noted that many of these plastic items cannot be saved meaning they have to be incinerated). There are even attempts to generate totally recyclable cardboard shelters that can survive several days of heavy rain to replace cheap tents. Organisers of some festivals are also reported to be involved in attempts to minimise disposable plastic use, have moved to constructing compost-based toilets, have investigated improving the energy-efficiencies of electrical generators and have limited (or banned) meat and fish consumption at their events.

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Where's the Beef?

  Industry 'experts' are claiming that the 'use-by dates' on red meat should be extended (