Saturday, 22 September 2018

Brainwash the Young?

Young children in the UK don't watch TV as much as they once did, being more hooked currently on apps and YouTube. It is hardly surprising, then that the Kindernauts site has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority ( for breaking its rules on encouraging the ingestion of products high in fats, salt or sugar by toddlers (i.e. the under 16's). The convention has been devised as a contribution to the 'war on obesity' that is damaging the health of UK children and costing the NHS millions. The reason why (kinder)surprise is in short supply is that the aims of the sweet producer (to sell as much product to as many people as possible) and the health professions (to encourage individuals to adopt a healthy diet) are completely at variance. This is one reason why self-regulation by producers rarely has much impact.

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