Thursday, 9 April 2020

Going Wild in Rural China?

The recent 'freeze' on the production of wild animals for human consumption in rural China appears to be meeting difficulties ( Some breeders were apparently feted for their production of Civet cats, bats, Bamboo rats and Pangolins as it was official policy to fight local poverty in this way. The difficulty is that some breeders were on official programmes (and seem to have been offered compensation and encouraged to go into chicken or mushroom production) whereas others, followed the trend independently (and are on their own). Any breeders, with wild-type animals, are not allowed to sell, release or even cull their beasts. The law in this area was established in 2008 and appears very vague (many species are not referred to) and some farmers, who are paying for food, appear angry that, while the origins of Covid-19 have not been established, they are in limbo. This seems a recipe for more disaster.

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