Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Nationality and Covid-19 Protection

Kanishk Tharoor makes some interesting observations about the unfairness of access to Covid-19 vaccines ( Tharoor points out that, by mid-February 2021, 130 of the world's poorest countries, had not had a single jab with a Covid-19 vaccine. He also noted that wealthy countries, accounting for 14% of the world's population, had bought up more than half of the anticipated output of leading candidate vaccines. The Economist Intelligence Unit also say that 85 poor countries, will not see a mass vaccination programme for Covid-19, until 2023. Tharoor's main point is that the lottery of nationality, largely determines whether or not we get early access to life-saving vaccines. I would just add, that failing to get the vaccine out more widely, is leaving lots of scope for Sars-CoV-2 to mutate into new and exciting variants. These might come back to haunt us, even if we live in one of the world's priviledged locations!

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