Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Quarantine? What Quarantine?

The exciteable hue-and-cry over the UK resident, testing positive for the Brazilian variant of Covid-19, without providing their contact details, seems a bit 'over the top'. Their location has been narrowed down to fewer than 400 homes in the SE of England. The Health Minister tells us that, in future, our new quarantine system will largely prevent variants from entering the country (quarantine wasn't in place when this person and 2 others contracted the virus). The quarantine system in English airport hotels only, however, applies (with some exceptions) to people coming from 'red list' (deemed to be problematic by the Home Office) countries. There is now evidence that the Brazilian variant has been found in at least 15 countries that are not on the 'red list' (https://metro.co.uk/2021/03/02/brazil-covid-variant-found-in-at-least-15-countries-not-on-red-list-14169557/). Even if these 15 countries are quickly added to the list, the variant could have been arriving in the UK for weeks. It also continues to be obvious that people are forced to mingle in airports. People from 'safe' locations may well spend time sitting near someone from a 'red list' country. Our quarantine seems, at best, a 'leaky' version.

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