Thursday, 4 March 2021

Food Fight

The UN believe farming has been generally ignored in climate talks. A Food Systems Summit has been set up with the brief of examining ways of reducing hunger and improving global food systems, as the climate crisis intensifies and biodiversity is threatened ( The Food Systems Summit (important, as it is), has not got off to a good start. Many farming and ecological groups are convinced the proposed meeting is already biased in favour of corporate, hi-tech intensive farming. They think that approaches like agro-ecology are completely missing. Some of these same groups think that the corporate sector are (at least partly) responsible for rather than being a solution for the growth of hunger and disease. Intensive agriculture also has a powerful negative effect on biodiversity. Some of the groups are calling for a boycott of the conference. It is to be hoped that they can be brought onboard, as we really must talk about food.

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Shining cranesbill ( Geranium lucidum ) in flower in Bynea.