Thursday, 8 April 2021

I See No Virus!

Samira Shackle gives an account of her experiences with UK people, who I would label 'Covid unconvinceds' ( Shackle notes that the people disputing received wisdoms range widely. They include outright Covid deniers, who think the pandemic has been entirely fabricated. There are also, however, Covid sceptics or anti-lockdowners, who think that the numbers of deaths are exaggerated and/or government has ulterior motives for restricting freedoms. The people covered by this spectrum, also range widely in terms of their politics and backgrounds. Many appear to have valued the sense of companionship by being members of an online forum or by taking part in demonstrations (with 'like-minded' people). It is very evident that some people 'pick and mix' their views (often maintaining that, they personally discount 'extreme' claims). The trouble seems to be that these people a) distrust all conventional sources of information; b) operate in effective echochambers and c) will, in some cases, 'evict' people who do not share their views (e.g. someone who decides to get a vaccination). They can be a bit cult-like? It's pretty obvious the 'unconvinced' are going to take a lot of convincing! Some will never be amenable to any argument or appeal. The same must surely apply to people in many other countries.

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