Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Dog Days Post-Covid

Record numbers of dogs were bought in the UK, largely to provide people with companionship in the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. Rachel Casey, of The Dog's Trust, points out that there will be problems for some animals as lockdown ends ( Casey notes that many dogs have been 'super happy' to spend time with their owners 24/7. Dogs are creatures of habit. The owners going back to work, or off to other activities, will be a big change. Such change can produce separation anxiety. The dog may need help to cope with this (perhaps by gradually increasing the duration of separation, rather than making a sudden change?). The dog will also encounter an increasing array of new people (e.g. novel family members, friends and children?) in 'its' home. The dog is also likely to make closer contact with conspecifics (other dogs). Most dogs who end up being rehomed have developed behavioural problems. Conscious efforts will be needed to help some animals cope with life, as Covid lockdown ends. It's the least the owners should do. Afterall, the dogs didn't choose to be pets for lockdown.

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Shining cranesbill ( Geranium lucidum ) in flower in Bynea.